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Updated September 4, 2017

Boyd's Forest Dragons are available as well as a few New Guinea Forest Dragons (Hypsilurus magnus)

Lophosaurus boydii are $900 plus shipping....hatched here july 24 and ready to ship. Another clutch will be ready to ship on September 24!!!

Hypsilurus magnus are $350 plus shipping

An outstanding new article on the New Guinea species of Hypsilurus in Sauria magazine, in which I've contributed a few pics too!



My Website CELEBRATING 11 Year Anniversary being ONLINE!

Cool New Decals for your vehicle that a friend here to order from their website


I wrote an article on New Guinea Forest Dragons for SAURIA Journal available for purchase at their website



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We are now offering Superworms for sale hand delivered in the Central Florida area, click on the link for more info!!!


Click Here......Sailfin Dragon Care Sheet for Reptiles Magazine Online

Look out for my article on Frilled Dragons out in the November 2012 issue of Reptiles Magazine!


Look for my article on Sailfin Dragons in the December '07 issue of Reptiles magazine!!!



Hello and welcome to home of Scott Corning and his reptile breeding business DragonAttack. Here you will find useful original information on lizards of the genus Hydrosaurus, Hypsilurus, Lophosaurus, Chlamydosaurus, Physignathus now known as Intellagama and any other related lizards and topics.

This site was mainly created due to the lack of information on sailfin dragons and to also fuel my obsession for these mysterious “living dinosaurs”. In addition to finding more info on the ecology and keeping and breeding of these lizards, there is a photo gallery of the various species, subspecies, and variants that really confuse the scientific community on the classification of these poorly misunderstood lizards. I will also have a spillover of pics from my yahoogroups list, for members to post their photos, as we’ve run out of room there!!!

I also have a for-sale section for lizards that I’m hatching out at the time, and for anyone else that may have some related lizards for sale. As we all know sailfin dragons are hard to come by and this site will be an excellent source to find the lizards you may be looking for, whether I’ve hatched some out, or I have an Indonesia shipment coming in, or someone doesn’t have the ability to care for their dragon anymore.

A links page is available for anything I find relative to learning more about these wicked lizards.

Happy Hydrosaurus Hunting!